Tanjung Malim Plant

  • Cutting Edge Manufacturing

    Every unit of Persona, Gen.2, Savvy and Satria Neo is manufactured in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Tanjung Malim. Capable of 150,000 units per annum on four multi-model production lines, it allows flexibility and rapid response to market demand situations.

    Completed in 2004, its intelligently designed infrastructure of high-precision robotics ensures perfect quality at each and every stage of manufacturing. Smart systems also save workers from repetitive and heavy manual labour, preventing worker fatigue and reducing any inefficiency due to human error.

  • Stamping
    Auto Development Process

    Stamping of flat metal sheet to form various car body panels.

    Layout Concept:
    To press large panels at TGM with target of logistic cost reduction and improve the production quality. Layout arrangement in tandem with process order through put approach.

  • Body
    Auto Development Process

    Assembly/Welding of loose stamped body panels to form a full car body (body in white)

    Layout Concept:
    - Use of common line for flexibility & investment reduction
    - Separation of Auto and Manual Zone for effective logistics
    - Buffer system between process & Paint Shop for high operational efficiency

  • Paint
    Auto Development Process

    Painting of Body in White in accordance to colour choice ordered by customer

    Layout Concept:
    Separation of working zones for clean room and working environment control, i.e.
    1) Working Process Zone
    2) Booth Zone
    3) Oven Zone
    - Buffer system between processes and TF Shop for high operational efficiency.

  • Trim & Final
    Auto Development Process

    Fitting of trim & chassis components to form a complete built automobile

    Layout Concept:
    - Short line system...zoning of process, inspection and logistic areas.
    - Introduce automation at heavy workload stations.
    - 3-prong parts supply system for effective logistics.